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Niños Director  

Job Description

North Church ABQ is seeking to hire a part-time (approximately 20hr/wk) Children’s Ministry Director.  The Director will be, under the direction, guidance, and in collaboration with other staff and board members, responsible for the day-to-day and Sunday coordination and implementation of the Children’s Ministry (aka Niño’s) at North Church. The person hired for this role must demonstrate a willingness and desire to foster a ministry that is conducive to this end.  

A.  Areas of Responsibility - Some specific responsibilities of oversight include: 

A.1.  Vision/Direction
The Director will be responsible for leading the overall vision and mission of North Niño’s and in alignment with the overall vision and mission of North Church.  Additionally, North Church desires to see kids of all ages grow in biblical literacy and their personal and practical understanding and growth in the gospel of Jesus. The Director will facilitate this end. Some areas of oversight related to this include:

  • Culture Creation:  The practical development of the culture (e.g, team culture, Sunday culture, classroom, etc.) within the Niño’s ministry.
  • Curriculum Oversight: The director will be responsible for the direction and implementation of things pertaining to classroom curriculum and the teaching environment.  
  • Programming: The director will be responsible for the overall programming (mid-week, special services, baby dedications, summer camps, etc) of the Niño’s Ministry.  

A.2.  Volunteer Recruitment & Development
The Director is responsible for ensuring that the Niño’s ministry is staffed in such a way that the children of North Church can participate in the worship of Jesus on Sundays and other special events. One of the most critical areas pertaining to this objective is in the realm of volunteer recruitment, training, and development.  

A.3.  Administrative

  • Scheduling:  The Director has the responsibility and oversight to ensure that Niño’s volunteer scheduling/staffing is coordinated and met.
  • Recruitment process:  Oversight of the volunteer recruitment and on boarding process is the responsibility of the director.  
  • Supply & Ministry Needs:  The director will ensure that Supply/Inventory management for ministry programming and needs are met.  

A.4.  Creative

The Director will have the freedom (in collaboration with staff and pastors) to direct creative aspects of the Niño’s Ministry (décor, special events, etc).  

B.  Requirements:

  • Deacon Level: The director should faithfully meet the requirements of a deacon as described in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.
  • Demonstrated experience leading teams.
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to develop leaders and volunteers.  
  • Demonstrated experience working with children.

C.  Other Info:  

  • This hire is a “contractor” position. It is assumed that benefits are not included in the compensation package. However, the board will make any determinations regarding benefits on a case-by-case basis.  
  • If interested in applying, e-mail