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Redemption Groups

Redemption Groups 

A Redemption Group™ is an intense small group where participants experience the transforming love of God in life’s deepest areas of sin and suffering.  

Someone entangled in a habitual sin, like addiction, not only needs delivery from sin, but also to come face to face with a Redeemer who delivers from suffering, pain, and misery. Someone limping from the wounds of abuse is not only desperate to know the compassionate presence of Jesus, but is also in great need of the Word, which discerns the sinful intentions that turn a wounded heart into a wounding heart. Our sins and sufferings are inextricably interwoven and Jesus redeems it all.

Redemption Groups begin with a weekend intensive usually on a Friday and continue in the morning and afternoon on Saturday. The groups meet weekly thereafter for 8 consecutive Friday nights.  A commitment to be involved in Redemption Groups means a participant will attend both the weekend intensive and the Friday night sessions.

Redemption Groups are a form of biblical counseling. Redemption Group curriculum follows the story of Exodus, with the Israelites journeying through the wilderness from slavery to freedom. Along the way, again and again, we encounter our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. The curriculum is the book Redemption: Freed by Jesus from the Idols We Worship and the Wounds We Carry.

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