North Church - Albuquerque, NM

Gospel Communities


Gospel Community 

At North Church we believe that the Christian life is meant to be lived in community. There are many ways that this plays out practically in our day-to-day, but one of the main ways we are intentional about living in community is by being a part of a Gospel Community (GC). A GC is a small group setting where we are intentional about setting aside time to pursue each other towards being faithful disciples, missionaries, and family. These three characteristics are all a part of the identity we receive when be become followers of Jesus. Our GC’s are structured to help facilitate our growth in these areas.

GC’s meet across our city, on different nights of the week, at varying times and locations. Our aim is to have a GC in every elementary school district in the city, loving and caring for their communities with and through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we grow together as family and disciples and go together as missionaries to our communities, we fulfill our mission as a church. If you would like to join a GC or would like more information please fill out this form.