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Sending The Saints



We feel that God is calling us to plant a Christ Centered, Nationally Led, Church Planting Church in Burgos. God has guided us towards this vision a few different ways. This church plant is to be an expression of the vision and mission of North church which are “To see Jesus preeminent in everything” and “Growing together as disciples and going together to make disciples of neighbors and nations”. As God called us to the fulfillment of this vision in making disciples in Spain he also steered us to the missions agency Avant whose vision it is to “To make a difference in time for eternity by rapidly planting and developing churches where none exist.”. By prayer, consideration and conversations with pastors and leaders of these trusted organizations we have arrived at our vision. 
To read more on Burgos and the full vision statement for church planting in Burgos, click here

The team headed to Burgos 

Jacobo and Stepha Hernandez with their children Elena, Miguel and Maria

Jacobo and Stepha Hernandez with their children Elena, Miguel and Maria

How can you help? 

Going Team: "a group of North Church Members committed to the long term mission of discipling and raising up Spanish leaders to plant a church in Burgos". If you feel led to join team leads Stepha and Jacobo Hernandez in Burgos, Spain, and are committed to the vision of long-term church planting, please fill out this form

Home Team: How do we love and support our Burgos team while they are in a high pressure ministry environment 5,200 miles away We do that by finding ways to:
Encourage them
Love them
Pray with them and for them
Spend time with them while they are stateside and via Skype while they’re in Spain
Contribute to their needs
Celebrate with them
Weep with them
The Home Team will focus on 
Prayer - Asking God to continue His work in the Burgos team and through them throughout Spain  
Communication - Staying Connected and up to date with the team and the progress of the ministry in Burgos and relay what’s going on to North.
Advocate - Bridge the gap between the Burgos Team and North Church; to share what God is doing with our community and to connect others through awareness to the vision and mission for Spain. 
If you are interested in joining the Home Team, or learning more, please fill out this form

Give: If you would like to make a financial pledge to the mission in Burgos, please fill out this form. 
If you would like to make a donation to the mission in Burgos, please follow these steps: 
Go to
Enter the amount you would like to give
Enter the account name or number: "North Church Burgos"  or 71872

Head to the Spain Team’s website to learn more and stay up to date on info.

To find out more about our missions partner, Avant, please click here

If you have more questions or would like more information, please reach out to Pastor Greg Bump