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The Most Effective Kids Ministry

An Anecdote
Sometimes success comes through means so obvious that they’re overlooked or even unexpected. You face a problem and attempt to solve it over, and over, and over again. No avail.  You get frustrated. You’re close to giving up. You take a break. And then you have a light bulb moment. You try a much more obvious, simpler solution than you had imagined could ever work.  Success! 

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of The Rings,” Frodo and the “fellowship of the ring,” a crew made up of four hobbits, two humans, an elf, a dwarf, and a wizard, are tasked with making their way to Mordor to destroy the “ring of power” (simply explained:  a ring that will mess the world up if not destroyed). At one point, the group makes their way to a hidden door of an ancient mountainous passage.  It’s night and as the moon shines on the door, the door begins to glow.  An inscription reads (in dwarf speak), “The doors of Durin – Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter.” Gandalf, the wizard gallantly speaks an elvish password….nothing happens. He speaks a dwarfish password.  Nothing happens. Time passes. Some sit down. Some throw stones into the nearby lake. Gandalf says every chant in the book, in every possible language. Eventually, Frodo, the ever-thoughtful keeper of the ring, stands up and exclaims, “It’s a riddle.” He reads the inscription on the door again, “Speak, friend, and enter.” He asks, “What’s the elvish word for friend?” Gandalf speaks it.  The door opens. 

Success often comes through the most obvious means.  And yet, we can just as often overlook it. 

An Application
Research from groups like the Barna Research Group and others overwhelmingly show that the greatest opportunity for modern evangelism lies in the demographic of kids.  In fact, nearly half of all those that come to profess faith in Jesus do so before the age of 13. Of those, half are led to this place through a conversation with a parent. Of all other means and modes (friends, church, etc), none can rival. Just for the sake of comparison, as little as 1 in 8 cite an event (church service, kids ministry, camp, etc.) as the thing that was instrumental in their profession of faith in Jesus. 

What does that mean for you, parent?  It means that the most effective kids ministry is the ministry that God has given you to preach and proclaim Jesus and the gospel of grace to your children. The conversations you have with them, the opportunities you take to preach the gospel, train, discipline, instruct, shepherd, study the bible with, and point to Jesus; these are the avenues that Jesus will likely use to make the largest impact in your children’s hearts and lives.  

An Avenue
The Lord has seen fit to fill North Church with hundreds of kids. This means that we have an unparalleled opportunity for mission in this area. And, if you have children, are the primary guardian of a child, or are engaged with kids in any meaningful manner, it means that you are invited and called to participate with us in this particular area of mission! And to equip you means to equip an evangelist and shepherd in the local mission field, especially if you’re a parent. 

As a church, we desire to provide equipping opportunities for all areas and realms of life.  Our vision is to See Jesus Preeminent In Everything.  This includes in the hearts of parent’s, kid’s, and in the daily, sometimes seemingly fruitless, but all important and noble endeavor of parenting.  The “Give Them Grace” conference is one opportunity that North Church is putting on to help equip you.  We’d love to see you there!  Sign up here: