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3 Reasons Why I Am Going to the Give Them Grace Parenting Conference

I have been looking forward to going to the Give Them Grace Parenting Conference since it was booked almost a year ago. I would love to see you there also. Whether you are a parent, a child or both, you will be built up in your relationship with Jesus.  Here are three reasons I think this conference is so important based on the three word title, “Give Them Grace”.

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The Vacation Blues

A well known christian author once told me he writes books based on the things he doesn’t do well in the attempt to help others avoid his pain.  In that same spirit and because we are in the heart of the vacation season now, here are some things I have learned the hard way that could help make your vacation better.

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Hope For Fathers

When my son does something disobedient, I can find myself disciplining him from a heart that wants his behavior to align with my selfish desires. I don’t want him to kick gravel all over our backyard because I will be the one who has to pick it up. I don’t want him to throw a tantrum in public because I will have to deal with the public embarrassment.

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