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Serving Friends

Everything I know about serving people, specifically in serving my friends comes from failing miserably. I say that because I am not naturally one who acts selflessly or sacrificially. I am not the type that invests in people very easily. But in my failure I have been met with the most amazing amount of grace from friends who image Christ to me in both word and deed. 

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View from the Valley

When death calls, the only real hope that can be found is in the only one who has overcome death. His name is Jesus. He is the comfort of the believer. And he is the discomfort of the unbeliever. He is alive and real and present. And in the presence of death, he is inescapably accepted or rejected.  

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Hope For Fathers

When my son does something disobedient, I can find myself disciplining him from a heart that wants his behavior to align with my selfish desires. I don’t want him to kick gravel all over our backyard because I will be the one who has to pick it up. I don’t want him to throw a tantrum in public because I will have to deal with the public embarrassment.

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