North Church - Albuquerque, NM


Searching For Holiness

The open window let the mountain air flow through the cabin’s bedroom. It was 4AM and Molly and I were asleep until an interruption made it’s presence known. A single bird began singing its loud and early morning song. 

Without any sense of tiredness, my eyes opened. While the bird continued to chirp, I laid in bed without moving. 

Everything was ok. Everything was perfect. Everything was normal. Everything was as it should be. Everything was at peace. Everything was content. Complaints were silenced. Pain was erased. The moment seemed to contain all goodness in a concentrated minute while on my back. Then, I thought to myself, this feels holy. It was as though God himself was walking near.

Without knowing Molly was also awake, she chimed in, “Do you hear that bird?”

I said, “Yeah.”

She replied, “It feels holy.”