North Church - Albuquerque, NM




Vision defines who we are. We are a people who exist to see a different future. Our 

mission describes what we do so that our vision becomes reality. And values determine how we do what we do. At North Church, we have six values:  proclamation, prayer, participation, peace, partnership and purposeful.

Purposeful. We believe that the broadest impact results from devoting our resources to the narrowest focus. 

The challenge with church has never been about a lack of things to do. Church is everything but boring. Quite the opposite, church can be overwhelming. As a church, we can be consumed with doing good things. Or, instead, we can be committed to doing God things.

Like all churches, we want to be faithful to do the things the bible demands of all churches. We will gather regularly for worship, preach the bible and celebrate sacraments. We will baptize new believers. We will grow together as disciples. We will equip our members to do the work of ministry. We will recruit, develop and ordain leaders. When necessary, we will practice church discipline.  

And like all churches, we want to be faithful to the unique role we serve in Jesus’ mission. We are just one church in a city where there are hundreds of churches. We are just one church in a country with several hundred thousand churches. And we are just one church in a world of millions of churches. 

We don’t have to do everything. We don’t have to reach everyone. We don’t have to be everywhere. But we do have to do something for someone somewhere. 

And this is why being purposeful is important. We want to devote our limited resources of time, treasure and talent exclusively to the unique mission we have received from him who knows no limit. This requires discipline. We have to say “no” to some good ministry opportunities. We have to accept the hard reality there are some needs we won’t meet. Sometimes, we have to redirect those who’d prefer to invest in other places. But we do so knowing that the biggest impacts come from the smallest focus.