North Church - Albuquerque, NM




Vision defines who we are. We are a people who exist to see a different future. Our mission describes what we do so that our vision becomes reality. And values determine how we do what we do. At North Church, we have six values: proclamation, prayer, participation, peace, partnership and purpose.

Proclamation. We believe that everything that glorifies Jesus and is good for all people begins with the clear communication of his gospel.

The God of the bible works through words. He speaks and things happen.  He creates, curses, redeems and restores. And He does all this through the spoken word. God is a proclaimer!The vast universe we inhabit came into existence through God’s word. And so did we. The most important six words in the beginning of the bible read, “And God said….and there was”. God spoke the world into existence. He proclaimed it would be then it was. 

The broken world we live in resulted too from God’s word. God told Adam, the first human being,  “cursed is the ground because of you” (Genesis 1:17). Then God said a few short sentences later in this same conversation, “for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” (Genesis 1:19) The first humans rebelled against God. As a result, God cursed our world and cut our lives short. He proclaimed it. And it has happened just as He said it would.

The rescuing love of God that saves us from the curse happened too through a word.  Except this time, the word of God became a man. (John 1: 1-5,14) His name is Jesus. He lived the perfectly sinless life we could not. He died the death we should have. And he has risen from the dead. By trusting in Jesus, we can be rescued from sin and death. And we can be a part of a future world in which everything that is now broken will be restored. This is the good news. These are good words.

At North Church, we lead with these good words. They are the first priority. All people everywhere need to hear the good news. Good works are important too. Good works must support the good words.  But the good news comes first. It must be shared. It has to be proclaimed. Good words from God’s Word are proclaimed then good things happen.