North Church - Albuquerque, NM


In Case You Missed It...

Working through the story of the early church in the Book of Acts together on Sundays has been helpful in defining our mission at North. In case you missed the sermon “Desire and Direction” from Acts 15:36-16:10, here are five desires we have as a church. 

We desire to have Gospel Communities in every elementary school district within the Albuquerque Public School system. 
Our objective isn’t just to gather together on Sundays in the name of Jesus, but it’s also to go together into our city with the name of Jesus. According to the APS website, there are now 90 elementary schools in the district.  We desire to see communities of disciples living on mission with Jesus from North and other local churches in every elementary school boundary.  

We desire to launch a Central, South, East and West Church in our city. We dream to see North Church replicated throughout Albuquerque through new churches. And we want to be strategic in locating these new churches. We also want to partner with other like-minded churches in our city in this endeavor.

We desire to serve the underserved in our city by partnering with existing ministries. 
We live in a beautiful city rich in cultural diversity. But we also live in a broken city. There are many living in Albuquerque who are impoverished, oppressed and hopeless. And there are also many faithful ministries serving the needs of the underserved. We want to join them in this important work.  We already have church members actively serving our city through Juntos, Lifequest, Soul Providers, The Rock at Noonday, Shine Club and Child Evangelism Fellowship just to name a few.  Additionally, we will host The Christmas Store again this year in December as we serve our friends at Governor Bent Elementary. 

We desire to launch a native led, next generation focused church in Gallup. 
We love our neighbors living in Western New Mexico. Gallup is a strategic hub city, particularly for the Navajo and Zuni people. We are praying that we could come alongside existing churches in the Gallup area and work together towards planting a church that is focused on reaching the next generation of native people living in the region.  

We desire to send a church planting team to Spain.  
We are called to make disciples of our neighbors and the nations. We are committed to going on mission across the street and around the world. Next month, we will send a team to Spain to network with existing churches and missionaries living there. We hope to send out missionaries from North Church to start new churches in Spain within the next two years.

So, what next?
We write down our desires in pencil. As we have learned in Acts, the Holy Spirit may redirect us as we move ahead with our goals. But, there are some very specific ways you can join in today as we move towards seeing these desires become reality. You can pray, plan and participate.

These are things we can’t do. We need the Holy Spirit to empower us and regenerate those who don’t yet know Jesus to make any progress whatsoever. So we pray. We seek his help. We pray privately and we pray publicly both in small groups and large. 

We also plan. Mission begins in the heart. But the desires of the heart only come to fruition through planning and execution. We need to take these five big desires and break them into smaller bite sizes pieces. Join a ministry team and help us as we plan for the future. 

We invite you to participate. In order to make disciples, you must first be a disciple. Gospel Communities are the vehicle we use at North Church to grow as disciples. Join a community today. We need you.