North Church - Albuquerque, NM


Heart Over Brand


Today we launched our rebrand. If you read our blog regularly you probably noticed that our website looks different and we have a new logo. Some may be asking "why?". Why did we rebrand? Why do we need a new logo? Do we need a brand at all? After all, we are a church not a business. These are fair questions to ask. "Brand" and "branding" can easily be nothing more than marketing buzz words. 

The Heart Behind Our Brand
To answer why went through with a rebrand, we have to look at our vision, mission and values. When you read through our vision, mission and value statements—and the scripture that supports them—two things become clear: Jesus Christ is the reason we do everything and he is far greater, more powerful, astonishing, awesome and creative than our minds can comprehend. This means that people groups, demographics, cultures, races and geographical locations can all be reconciled under Christ. That's what "Jesus preeminent in everything" means. Pastor Dave puts it this way "It means that everything that is: stars, moons, planets and people exist to express the ultimate worth of Jesus.

As we started the rebranding process we knew that we wanted the new brand to embody our vision, and to be culturally relevant in New Mexico. Our culture is deeply influenced by Pueblo Indians and the Spanish settlers of the sixteenth century. Everything that defines our culture has roots in one or both. Our architecture, cuisine, art and agriculture. All of it. The turquoise and yellow Kachinas painted on adobe buildings, the red chile at farmers markets, the hues of red and orange that make up our soil and rock all express the glory of Christ.


The Zia Sun symbol that adorns our state flag is a picture of preeminence. To the people of Zia the four groupings of rays represent the four directions, the four seasons, the four periods of the day, and the four stages of life. One would be hard pressed to find another symbol that all native New Mexican's proudly identify with regardless of race or ethnicity. You could say that the Zia Sun symbol is preeminent over New Mexico, and as we have already established, Jesus is preeminent over the Zia Sun. 

The Hope For Our Brand
Ultimately the hope for our brand is that it will point members of North to Christ and his preeminence over our state, city, neighborhoods and lives. We don't want North to be about our brand, and protecting our brand image. Our hope is that our brand is void of ego, arrogance and pretense. Under Jesus Christ every culture, race, demographic and social status can be reconciled. So we strive for a brand that is accessible and identifiable to anyone who lives here. Blue collar workers in the South Valley and CEOs in the Heights alike. We hope you enjoy the new look of North that we feel makes much of Jesus and honors what makes us who we are.