North Church - Albuquerque, NM


Constant Need Meets Constant Provision

 Kristen Kelley, Operations Director at North

"Kristen!"  Darlene found me in the coffee corner on Sunday morning and couldn't contain her excitement as she told me about her morning. "A woman approached me and asked me if I was part of the Welcome Team.  I told her that I wasn't a greeter, but that I could be in that moment.” In spontaneously serving that morning, Darlene met a woman who was visiting North Church for the first time. She invited her to sit with her during the service with all hope that the woman would return the following week.  

In the midst of conversations like these, I stand in awe of how the Lord is moving! Where there was a need for an additional greeter, the Lord provided someone, in this case Darlene, full of generosity and a willingness to help. This woman walked through the doors of North Church as a stranger and left a little bit more connected to our family.

Roughly ten months ago, I began working part-time at North Church. What exactly is my job title? I cannot tell you off the top of my head and it honestly doesn’t matter much. I like to tell people that my job and desire is to connect people with opportunities to serve the church while connecting with other people. You'll find me in the lobby on Sunday mornings checking in on the various ministry teams, introducing myself to people new to North Church, and asking the Spirit to open my eyes to see the needs of those around me.

When the Spirit presents those needs, I see how the Lord magnifies Himself and provides again and again. He constantly gives me opportunities to boldly approach His throne and ask him to provide leaders and participants, those who are the "face" of Jesus, interacting with people, and those who are the "hands" of Jesus, serving behind-the-scenes.

Our God is a generous God.  He is faithful to provide.  

I'm often reminded of 1 Corinthians 12 as I consider how the Lord is building His church, "For the body does not consist of one member but of many." If each of us is part of the body, then each of us has a role to play.

So, my conversations with Jesus are many and they look a little bit like this: 

"Lord, you've called us to be a church that loves this city. Who will you bring to manage the parking lot? Who will help parents shuffle kids from minivans into the building? Who will provide security for all who desire to worship?"

"Lord, your heart is that we will be a people who love you first and love others second. Who will love people through prayer? Who will connect them to a community group? Who will provide them a cup of coffee?"

Yet, He always provides. He is building and uniting His church, each of us with a part to play. When a role opens up, someone else rises to take that position in faithfulness. I saw it firsthand on our production team. One audio engineer moved away and another has stepped down to have a baby. The Lord graciously provided an exceptionally gifted and skilled guy with a willingness to offer his gifts to serve North Church. 

He is calling His people to uniquely serve where He leads them.

We start by intentionally asking how the Lord would use each of us week after week to serve our church community and city. I’ll keep asking that of myself, knowing that He'll consistently use both you and meI to love, serve and support our church in whatever way He desires.  

Let him receive the glory as we experience the joy.  

If you are seeking opportunities to serve North Church please contact Kristen by email: or by phone: (505) 917-9831