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Serving Friends

Everything I know about serving people, specifically in serving my friends comes from failing miserably. I say that because I am not naturally one who acts selflessly or sacrificially. I am not the type that invests in people very easily. But in my failure I have been met with the most amazing amount of grace from friends who image Christ to me in both word and deed. 

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Goals for Gospel Communities in 2017

As a church our Vision is to see Jesus preeminent in all of life. Our mission (the means by which we accomplish that vision) is to grow together and go together to make disciples. The hope is that, as followers of Jesus, this growth happens all over, all the time. However, at North one of the main vein through which this happens is through Gospel Communities

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The Christmas Store Story

At North Church, our mission is to grow together as disciples and to go together to make disciples of neighbors and nations. One way we minister to our neighbors is through the Christmas Store. The concept behind the Christmas Store is to support parents of children from the community around North by providing gifts they select to give to their children on Christmas Day.

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Fair Criticisms and Future Considerations

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, leads his sheep through imperfect pastors. It takes one to know one. And I know at least one very well—me. This means there is always room for church members to level valid criticisms towards their human leaders. As a matter of fact, this must happen for us to grow together. Fair criticisms are not only welcomed, they are absolutely needed.

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From My Heart To Your Heart: Moving Forward


The events of the last week have been spiritually, emotionally, and physically exhausting for me. But it pales in comparison to what others are experiencing.  I have been in constant prayer and reflection over those whose lives have been lost, and for those whose spirits are shattered by what is happening to them and in their communities. Yet, as a person of color, I cannot separate my life from theirs. I am part of that pain. I cannot escape it

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Behind The Scenes: Serving On The Production Team

As a body, God has gifted different people with different skills to serve the Church and this is tangibly apparent with the production team. Most people off the street do not know how to EQ a signal on a soundboard or compress a guitar tone. Yet, God has gifted us with a team of people who do know, so that we can all stand up and participate in the communal worship of God. 

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