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IF Conference: Q&A With Past Attendee

The IF Conference will be taking place here at North Church on March 3 & 4, 2017. This conference will gather women from many church communities, all over Albuquerque. The speakers will be diving into scripture to examine one of the most influential generations—the early church.

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“For the Lord is good...” Reasons for North to Rejoice

Yesterday during our Sunday gatherings we witnessed the Lord's faithfulness and steadfast love for North. Greg Qualls, who has faithfully loved and served North for nearly a decade, was ordained as volunteer elder. We also celebrated God's grace and faithfulness through two baptisms. Below are pictures and the testimonies of Neil and Enrique, who were baptized.

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A Prayer For Everyday Parents

I am supposed to be a “mom on the mission field” always “preaching the gospel to little ears”.  I can barely keep up with the dishes so finding time to ground myself in Jesus seems impossible. I can barely be heard over the bickering so when, exactly, am I going to find quiet moments to speak truth into little hearts? I am overwhelmingly tired so can’t the bible lesson just wait until tomorrow?

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Fair Criticisms and Future Considerations

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, leads his sheep through imperfect pastors. It takes one to know one. And I know at least one very well—me. This means there is always room for church members to level valid criticisms towards their human leaders. As a matter of fact, this must happen for us to grow together. Fair criticisms are not only welcomed, they are absolutely needed.

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