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Why do baby dedications? - 3 Reasons we dedicated our boys.

There isn’t anything magical about a baby dedication. It doesn’t make the child a Christian (only Jesus can do that).  It’s actually more for the parents and the church.  This isn’t to try to secure the child a place in heaven, but it’s to set in the heart of the parents and church how the child should be raised. If it doesn’t save the child, why should you do a  baby dedication?

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Serving Friends

Everything I know about serving people, specifically in serving my friends comes from failing miserably. I say that because I am not naturally one who acts selflessly or sacrificially. I am not the type that invests in people very easily. But in my failure I have been met with the most amazing amount of grace from friends who image Christ to me in both word and deed. 

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Goals for Gospel Communities in 2017

As a church our Vision is to see Jesus preeminent in all of life. Our mission (the means by which we accomplish that vision) is to grow together and go together to make disciples. The hope is that, as followers of Jesus, this growth happens all over, all the time. However, at North one of the main vein through which this happens is through Gospel Communities

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2 Ways to Pray for Spain

I said goodbye to the North Church team headed to Spain at the Sunport last week. They will be gone for almost two weeks as they explore opportunities to start new churches. Team members were filled with both anticipation and anxiety just before they left. We prayed together. Then, as they made their way to the TSA lines, I said one last time, “we will pray for you”. Here are two ways we can pray for our team in Spain this week.

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