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3 Reasons Why I Am Going to the Give Them Grace Parenting Conference


I have been looking forward to going to the Give Them Grace Parenting Conference since it was booked almost a year ago. I would love to see you there also. Whether you are a parent, a child or both, you will be built up in your relationship with Jesus.  Here are three reasons I think this conference is so important based on the three word title, “Give Them Grace”.

You can’t possibly impart what you don’t possess. In order to give grace, you must have received grace. Much like the parent on a distressed airplane must put the oxygen mask on her or his face first before helping a child, we must really breathe in the gospel before we lead our children. You will be encouraged to embrace grace through this conference and all relationships in your life will be impacted.

I have faced many challenges in my life. None has been more demanding for me than raising kids.  It is both rewarding and devastating because so much is at stake. I need serious help from the bible and support from others in order to be who I need to be for my kids. This conference will provide you with the content and the community you need in order to love your kids with the same love that Jesus has for you. 

The most unique and unnatural substance on earth is grace. We can’t produce it. We can’t perform for it. As a matter of fact, God’s grace is counter to every intuitive fiber of our being.  We are so good at working to win God’s approval. Which means we are so bad at attaining it.  And to make matters worse, we naturally parent are kids to follow in our fruitless ways. We need a refresher on the subject of grace. This conference will refresh parents and reframe our parenting through grace.