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February 2019 - My favorite things by connie beatty

A Few of my Favorite Things

Do you remember the last vacation or long weekend get-away you experienced? How did you describe that experience to others? Was it the rare relaxation enjoyed from a tranquil surrounding? Or a succulent meal savored with pleasurable company? As you think through that memory, hopefully you’re smiling as you relive the pleasure of the experience. The culminating joy from that experience though, is being able to share it with others. Joy must be shared to be fully realized.

Anyone who has traveled abroad will describe the thrill of adventuring into new cultures, cuisines, and greeting new companions. On February 14, 2019 (Valentine’s Day!), North Church is invited to take a small taste of a new yet already familiar culture: the country Spain. The epitome of Spanish culture is the celebration of life. From the food and wine, to the music, art, and history, Spaniards live to share life with each other. Created by God to bring joy to the hearts of men, food and drink indeed fill our hearts with gladness and they bring us together to celebrate how good He is!

My husband, Justin, and I want to personally invite the adults of North Church (21+) to experience a taste of Spain with us on Valentine’s Day this year. We want to share the joy of discovering good food and wine with you, as we celebrate this people that God has called us as a church to reach. In all reality, Spain is our mother land for many of us. Many of our families can trace generations of family heritage back to specific regions and towns in Spain. We are a part of them, and they a part of us! And, being family one with another, what better way to celebrate and share life together but with a wine and tapas night!

According to Wikipedia, Spain ranks only after Italy and France in its wine production. If you mention Spanish wine to anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur, they will immediately mention Tempranillo, Grenache, Rioja, or Sherry wines. Spanish cuisine thrives on tapas or small plate meals. Flavors, pairings, new creations, old favorites- food comes to life through creative expressions of small bites. Be prepared for new flavors and bold tastes as our expertly crafted menu comes to life for your enjoyment!

Create a memorable Valentine’s experience this year and share new joy with someone you love- come experience our Spanish Wine and Tapas Event! This is going to be an amazing night of new experiences, laughter, and gladness of heart! You cannot beat the value, and you will not leave disappointed. To plan and pull off this exciting night, we do have to end ticket sales by February 10th at midnight so that we might have a firm headcount. Don’t miss out!

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