North Church - Albuquerque, NM


Men's Ministry Fall 2017


I learned quite a bit from the first session of the Men’s Ministry; the Holy Spirit revealed so much to me through the teachings, members of the group discussions, Pastor Greg, and talks with other leaders. However, one area I feel that the Holy Spirit used to grow me in my personal walk with the Lord was through the preparation of my own teaching. This came as a surprise to me at the time, though in retrospect it makes complete sense. While studying for my lesson I had to pray vigorously, dissect the passage, study surrounding and supplementing texts, look at commentary, and truly learn to own that which I was reading. This resulted in relative comfort when talking about James 2, and though a mediocre (at best) teaching was delivered, I feel as if I truly grasped the text.

Personal understanding of the passage was not the only area in which I saw a positive impact though. In fact, reading and studying in preparation to share the text helped me feel more comfortable speaking with others about it; furthermore, I felt more comfortable learning to lead my family in it. This caused me to have a revelation: I should be reading the Bible as if I were going to share it and explain it with someone. Daily.

Speaking with others, I found similar experiences. Thus, Pastor Greg and I have decided to change the formatting to the Men’s Ministry a bit. From the beginning we have stated that some of the goals of the Men’s Ministry were going to include a more intimate relationship with the Lord resulting in increased Biblical literacy and a greater leadership presence among the men of North Church.  The first session saw junior aspiring leaders such as myself and a few others have the opportunity to lead a lesson, and to learn to facilitate the group discussions as well. We want to expand on this though. Those of us who helped had our Christian walks encouraged and our Spiritual lives blessed, and we want as many men as possible to experience the same.

Here is the plan: every other week during the upcoming Men’s Ministry session we will have the teaching lead by a small group participant. This means no teaching on stage for the whole group. Instead, one person from each group will lead his small group through what he learned, and also drive the discussion. We ask that men will sign up for this role so that they can know ahead of time for the sake of preparation. In this preparation, explanation, and facilitation, we hope to see men growing. We pray that the preparation phase will grow them in their approach to reading the Scriptures, and help them to read and study with intentionality. We want the explanation phase to grow men in the comfort of expounding upon that which they have learned. Furthermore, we want men to be able to share what the Holy Spirit is revealing to them. That phase couples with the facilitation phased in that we want men to have comfort and experience in monitoring and “curbing” the discussion. With the aforementioned goals of Biblical literacy and church leadership, we want provide a platform for men to grow in these areas so they can then take these tools to share with their families and communities.

Kevin Shannon Comment