North Church - Albuquerque, NM


The Book of James: Men's Ministry

There is something fascinating about the congregation of men for the purpose of worshipping God. It moves in contrast to many of the social constructs we face as men today. It promotes servanthood. It asks for vulnerability. It calls for unity. It creates mission. 

Servanthood calls to mind subservience, and actively promoting the Men's Ministry through that vein almost seems counterintuitive. Are we not trying to raise up men as leaders? Are we not calling on men to live above the norm? Are we not praying that the men of North will act as figureheads for their families? Of course we are, and those aims start at the cross. As we lay our lives down before Christ and learn to follow Him, we as men will learn to lead in love. We long for the strong devotion of Job, coupled with the Daniel's unrelenting will to serve his God. We want the men to learn to serve God and love Him above all else, then to love and serve their spouses as Christ loves and serves the Church. Next, we ask that the men will selflessly serve their families as servant-leaders. Finally, we want the men of North to serve those around them as they spread the peace and love of our Lord.

Vulnerability and manhood rarely exist in the same breath. However, this ministry is going to ask men to use personal and shared experiences to find common ground. Through studing the Gospel, we will observe how God breaks down our sinful identities in order to rebuild and reconstruct us to reflect Him. Besides growth in Biblical literacy and Christ-likeness, we are hoping to see men grow together as friends and brothers. Just as Jonathan and David were bonded in friendship, so also we want the men of this church to be loyal, loving, respectful, and encouraging of one another.

The aforementioned bond that we hope will be struck between men will lead to unity. As we congregate week after week as men, we are praying that the Lord will fill us with a Spirit of unity. We long to be unified in doctrine, relation, and mission. Longing to fulfill the Biblical principle put forth by Paul in Ephesians, we want to encourage those in the Church "...until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God..." (Ephesians 4:13) Despite our many differences, we hope to see the growth of the modern Church in our city, and overseas, in the same light as we see the early Church of the New Testament. That is, we want zealous men on mission, unified in spreading our Savior's love. 

Mission is the final draw we hope to see within the Men's Ministry. We want the males of North to be men of action; regardless of Biblical knowledge, "Christian tenure", or prior church service. We want the men to learn to be in sync with God's plan as Moses was, but bold in their leadership like King David. We want to be a light to our city, and to love our community in response to Christ's love for us. We want to spread the message of our Savior to a broken world with the prayer that many will call on the name of the Lord!

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