North Church - Albuquerque, NM


My First Two Months as Media and Communication Director

On February 1st of this year, I started a new season in my life. It was my first day as the Media and Communication Director here at North. I wanted to think that I knew most of you, but Easter brought so many unfamiliar faces, and I was reminded of how many people I have yet to meet. 

My name is Drew Schrimsher. I am twenty six years old. I have a gorgeous, hilarious wife named Brenna, and a bald, radiant son named Rhett. My wife and I drive Subarus made in the previous century. We love burgers and fries, and going on road trips to tiny little towns in New Mexico. 


I've learned so much in the first two months as Med-Comm Director. There are a few things I want share about our pastors and myself that I hope some of you will find encouraging.


I started going to church in 2010, when we were still Mars Hill, and under the leadership of men in Seattle. At the end of 2014, I was in a similar place as a lot of people: confused. I didn’t know what to think of our pastors. I didn’t know if I could trust them. I didn’t know if they cared about me. Or us. Those feelings stuck with me for some time. Eventually, the Spirit proved faithful to work in my heart and brought me to a place of belief. I believed our pastors wanted the best for us. They wanted Jesus Christ to be preeminent in our lives.


I am floored by how much our pastors love us. I've seen the most profound and practical means of that love through their prayer. When I say that our pastors pray for us, I mean they pray for us. All the time. By name. With sincere hearts that long for our healing. With hearts that long for us to be reconciled, mended, encouraged, strengthened and blessed.


Pastor Dave often asks us questions about how we are doing, what we are doing, and how we can be more effective. Our pastors strive to grow in holiness and look for ways to love and serve the church. We revisit Sunday services, member meetings, prayer nights, kids' ministry and everything between to see what went right, and what can improve. These are not "do better, try harder" hearts, but those of men who desire to see Jesus preeminent in everything.


Our pastors love this church. They also love this neighborhood, this city, our state and nations abroad. 

Our neighbors are Hooters, ITZ, Express Cash Pawn, a car wash enclosed by razor wire, and a Long John Silver’s plucked out of the 1960s. We want to make the gospel known in our neighborhood. 

We have visited Native American reservations and pueblos and met with local church leaders. The Rez is not fun. It’s not bursting with life and commerce, it’s almost depressing at face value. We want to make the gospel known in our state.

Our pastors are preparing a team to head to Spain to aide local church planters and leaders there. We want to participate in spreading the gospel to the nations. 

Pastors Brian, Donovan and Dave have recently shown me what these places have in common. Jesus is preeminent in them all. From the car wash to the bread ovens in Zuni. I have never been able to look at our church, our street, or the reservation the same. 

The employees of the businesses that surround us. The people waiting at the bus stop. The Navajo boys and girls at Bashas’ grocery store in Window Rock, AZ. 

All people.

People with stories, legacies, problems and needs. They are all made in the image of God and are in desperate need of a Savior whether they realize it or not. 

Our pastors see deep, cultural beauty in our neighborhood and in Spain. In our city and on the reservation. In our church and in the Native peoples outside of it. They want Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of the managers at Hooters and the owners of Express Cash. Savior of the Zia Pueblo tribe and of college students in Spain.


The days spent working with our pastors have grown my love for Jesus, for North, and for our New Mexican neighbors. God has revealed his majesty and glory in the red clay of the reservation, building signs and random strangers on the street. He is sanctifying my prayer life, and showing me what it means to lead. I hope our Media and Communication ministry will be one saturated in prayer and love. I hope we can tell the stories of Jesus glorified in our people. I hope many more will experience the joy of his glory through our work to make Him known.