North Church - Albuquerque, NM


Experience Jesus' Redeeming Grace

Do you feel like you are stuck in your relationship with Jesus?  Need a kick start?  Redemption Groups is a good place to start.

A Redemption Group is a small group where participants experience the transforming love of God in life’s deepest areas of sin and suffering. Our God abounds in steadfast love towards us, and this is most clearly seen in the person and work of Jesus Christ. RG's are about personally knowing and experiencing Jesus' redeeming grace, truth, and love.  

These groups use the book "Redemption: Freed by Jesus from the Idols We Worship and the Wounds We Carry" by Mike Wilkerson. In fact, Mike Wilkerson came to North in July and spent time training over 20 of our RG Leaders. It was a wonderful time! The theme was "Tending a Culture of Grace." We learned about God's patience and grace in bringing about change in our lives. We also learned about the fruit of the Spirit being love, trusting Jesus, and trusting God and His timetable to bring about change in the lives of the people we serve.  

Mike's book "Redemption" examines the lives of the Israelites in the book of Exodus. RG participants learn about the horrible things that the Israelites suffered at the hands of the oppressive Egyptians. The Israelites were truly victimized. You will also learn about the ways the Israelites chose to proactively sin against God and others. We are all like this. We have all experienced (to different degrees) suffering at the hands of others, and we have all sinned against God and others. In this study, you will learn how God brought healing and comfort to the suffering of the Israelites through Jesus Christ. You will also learn how you can have hope in Jesus for cleansing for your sins, and experience progressive change from sins that have enslaved you. 

Redemption Groups are for everyone. Many people in our church who struggled with the pain and agony of abuse, have experienced progressive healing and comfort in their lives through Redemption Groups. Others in our church family who struggled with life besetting sins, addictions, marriage problems, relational conflict, worry, and much more have experienced increased healing and freedom through drawing near to Jesus in RG's. I would recommend RG's to everyone. Both my wife and I have participated in RG's and experienced growth in our relationships with Jesus and with others. 

The RG's begin with a weekend kick-off that starts on Friday evening January 19th, and continues on Saturday January 20th. The groups then meet for the next eight Friday evenings, and concludes with a celebration on the final night. The groups gather each week in the sanctuary for a time of worship through music and teaching from God's Word. Then the participants meet weekly with a small group that they are assigned to this first week. The groups are gender specific (men with men, and women with women), and are led by a Redemption Group leader, and one or two assistant leaders. The participants actively engage with one another: listening, sharing, comforting, and challenging. This experience tends to help participants grow in how they relate to God, themselves, and others with greater love and honesty.   

No matter what you have experienced or are currently going through, I would highly recommend everyone to participate in a Redemption Group. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow in relationship with Jesus, the people in your life, and the body of Christ.

Here is a helpful video of RG participants giving testimonies

The registration deadline is Wednesday January 3rd, and you can sign up here