North Church - Albuquerque, NM




Vision defines who we are. We are a people who exist to see a different future. Our mission describes what we do so that our vision becomes reality. And values determine how we do what we do. At North Church, we have six values: proclamation, prayer, participation, peace, partnership and purpose.

Partnership. We believe that Jesus advances his mission through partnerships that honor him and humble us.

Jesus’ work is much greater than just what we see happening at North Church. We are local and limited. His mission is global and He is without limitation. This is why we embrace the idea of partnership. Jesus invites us to join him on his mission. And to do so effectively, we need to partner with others who are in places we are not and who possess strengths we don’t have.

Our City. We love Albuquerque. We know that Jesus does too. We want to see our city become a better place to live for all people. So we partner with schools, businesses, agencies, charities and other churches to serve the needs of our city. When a challenge arises, we first look to see if anyone else is addressing it with the desire to join the effort.

We also want to introduce everyone living in Albuquerque to Jesus. With this goal in mind, we partner with ministries and churches sharing our passion. We are eager to send people and resources to support this cause. We aren’t competing with other churches for attention. We are cooperating with other churches to draw attention to Jesus.  

Our Region. We also love our region. And in our region, we want to serve the underserved and reach the unreached. The only way this can happen is for us to join in strategic partnership with others who are more skilled and better positioned to make an impact.

Our World. We want to serve both our neighbors and the nations. And while we realize we can’t make even the smallest difference everywhere, we do believe we can make a big difference somewhere. We want to make a difference in Spain. To do so, we gladly partner with others who know who and how to serve. In this regard, we are all better off together.