North Church - Albuquerque, NM


Preeminent in Everything




One phrase. Three words. Two of the words are familiar. One is foreign. It is a phrase that comes from a single verse in the enormous bible (Colossians 1:18). But, it is also a phrase that summarizes the entire bible. And it’s a phrase that expresses the vision of North Church: we want to see Jesus preeminent in everything. 

We need definition. First, let’s begin the big and strange word “preeminent”. Webster defines this word as “having paramount rank, dignity, or importance”. To be preeminent is to have the highest rank, supreme dignity and the greatest importance. Or said differently, to be preeminent means to be before and above all else.

Now, on to the more familiar words considered together. “In everything” is best defined as “in position to all that exists”. It’s an all-inclusive category. No single person, place or thing is excluded. In everything truly means in everything.

Putting it all together now, “preeminent in everything” means that the one holding this title is more important, above and before all things that exist. The bible claims this phrase describes Jesus. It also means that everything that is: stars, moons, planets and people exist to express the ultimate worth of Jesus.

This is the pursuit of North Church: we want to see Jesus preeminent in everything. This is a big and bold passion. It most plainly means that we live to experience Jesus being first, or preeminent, in everything we are and everything we do everywhere we go. This also means that every minute of every day in every place affords us the opportunity to worship Jesus. We want to know him as preeminent in our church and over every square inch of all creation. He doesn’t exist for us. Instead, we exist for him. And this reality gives every dimension of our lives meaning and purpose.