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Men's Ministry Fall 2017

Personal understanding of the passage was not the only area in which I saw a positive impact though. In fact, reading and studying in preparation to share the text helped me feel more comfortable speaking with others about it; furthermore, I felt more comfortable learning to lead my family in it. This caused me to have a revelation: I should be reading the Bible as if I were going to share it and explain it with someone. Daily.

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Kevin Shannon Comment
Preparing for Palm Sunday

Many look at the account of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem prior to Passover (Palm Sunday) and call it his Triumphal Entry.  I don’t know if Jesus would have called it the same thing. Pilate’s entry was clearly triumphant.  The Roman Empire ruled with an iron fist.

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Greg Qualls Comment
IF Conference: Q&A With Past Attendee

The IF Conference will be taking place here at North Church on March 3 & 4, 2017. This conference will gather women from many church communities, all over Albuquerque. The speakers will be diving into scripture to examine one of the most influential generations—the early church.

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“For the Lord is good...” Reasons for North to Rejoice

Yesterday during our Sunday gatherings we witnessed the Lord's faithfulness and steadfast love for North. Greg Qualls, who has faithfully loved and served North for nearly a decade, was ordained as volunteer elder. We also celebrated God's grace and faithfulness through two baptisms. Below are pictures and the testimonies of Neil and Enrique, who were baptized.

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Serving Friends

Everything I know about serving people, specifically in serving my friends comes from failing miserably. I say that because I am not naturally one who acts selflessly or sacrificially. I am not the type that invests in people very easily. But in my failure I have been met with the most amazing amount of grace from friends who image Christ to me in both word and deed. 

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Love the City Ministry Fair

What is mercy in the context of our churches’ mercy ministry? It is simply helping others with the gifts God has given us. Often times it is loving, giving, serving and providing for those in our church, neighborhoods and city who are less fortunate than us, or providing for the needs of those around us when times are tough

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