North Church - Albuquerque, NM



It all starts with jesus...

This is the prayer and heart of North Church: we pray that Jesus' glory will grow in Albuquerque and beyond as we live out the gospel for the good of our neighbors and the nations.

This is a big and bold prayer. It most plainly means that we live to experience Jesus being first, or preeminent, in everything we are and everything we do everywhere we go. This means that every minute of every day in every place affords us the opportunity to spread the name of Jesus as we live for his glory. 

We want to know him as first in our church and over every square inch of all creation. He doesn’t exist for us. Instead, we exist for him. And this reality gives every dimension of our lives meaning and purpose.

and it leads to action...

We want to see Albuquerque and the world change.  But we only know this can only happen through the gospel of Jesus.  As we live out the gospel  daily, we know that it will change our city as well.

Living out the gospel looks like three actions to us:

  • Worship Jesus

  • Love People

  • Make Disciples

We want to worship Jesus with everything we have and everything we are...every moment of every day.  We want to love people like Jesus loved people...sacrificing our lives for them.  As we do this, we want to help others do the same.  Will you join us?


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9AM & 11AM